Journey America Part 3

Ram Falls, Seven Planes and Riding Partners

On a beautiful Saturday, July 20th, Clara and I went to see the Ram River Falls.

Without a single cloud in the deep-blue sky, we were in awe of the fall’s magnitude and beauty.

“I thought it was going to be something way smaller,” I said to Clara while we took in the beauty of the white veil of water falling into the river below. 

In the background, we could see several rams just hanging out on a ridge that stood higher than the falls. And deep in the canyon where the cascade hit the river below, a bright rainbow appeared in the mist. 

“This is stunning,” Clara said before we climbed the steep staircase back to the horses.

Feeling blessed to be a witness, I began riding south. After crossing an antique, bright orange metal framed bridge with a wooden deck, 7 propeller airplanes flew over the horses super low. The noise from the flying devils scared the boys and I had to do some convincing to get them to stop and relax.

After only two hours in the saddle I was surprised by Marie Aitken and her niece Jayce who hauled horses up to ride with me. 

“I told you I was going to ride with you on this journey,” Marie said before we unloaded their big, beautiful quarter horses. 

It is so nice having people to ride with! We laughed, shared stories and marveled at the serene beauty around us. It had been years since Marie last jumped into the saddle. It must have felt good to be atop a quarter horse again!

And when it came time to call it a day, we miraculously found a corral in the middle of nowhere. 

“I never find a corral… never,” I said to Marie and Jayce in excitement. 

With a herd of cows and their cute calves staring at us with interest, we untacked the horses and cooked a delicious BBQ lunch. 

After Marie and Jayce bid us farewell, it was time to welcome another visitor to camp! Ted Stovin and his girlfriend Storm Dafoe, came to interview us for their podcast “Cowboy Sh*t.”

“You said you liked beer so I brought a cooler full,” said Ted, opening the white lid and making me levitate with happiness. 

We drank the cold beers, talked about cowboy sh*t and recorded an amazing podcast that night!

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