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Katadyn BeFree Collapsible Water Filter Bottle


The Katadyn BeFree water bottle gets rid of the need to carry water in your pack when a source is nearby. All you have to do is fill up the bottle, squeeze gently, and you can start drinking water immediately. The filter in the BeFree bottle removes the wait time that comes with purification tablets. Additionally, the Katadyn bottle is a much better value, costing as little as 4 cents per liter of water purified.


It has a maximum output of 2.11 quarts per minute. Also, the Katadyn can filter up to 1000 liters over its life span. The filter is 0.1 micron, small enough to keep out any microorganism. However, the filter focuses on backcountry purification needs, making it unsuitable for filtering out chemicals. The fiber filter system used in the bottle does mean that it must stay above freezing in order to maintain its function.


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