Frozen Frontier

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On January 20, 2013, world-renowned Swedish explorer Mikael Strandberg, left his home and set out for the coldest inhabited place on earth, Oymyakon in northeast Siberia where the average winter temperature is -50°C. He, along with the 3 other members of his team, will meet up with a group of Eveny reindeer herders and set out on a historic journey. Traveling over 600km by reindeer pulling sledges, they will explore the most remote parts of Siberia, all the way from the little known mountains of Kolyma to the Okhotsk Sea.

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Painfully Freezing

Believe me if I say I have been freezing today! My heels and toes have been terribly cold, but since I am used to this freezing, it does not scare me. All it takes to warm up is to start jumping, walking or doing camp work. The problem is when you are sitting at the back of a sled pulled by two reindeer like we are, it goes very fast and you just can´t get off when you need to!

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Village of Yuchyugei

”This is the first time I have traveled in this area on this route” , Tonya the Eveny reindeer herder told me. When I asked him, what he felt about doing this Expedition, he finished off with these true words; “For us who are nomads and roam the area freely, this is nothing extra ordinary to travel 600 kms in these low temperatures.”

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Heading into the Unknown

Yesterday I went into downtown Yakutsk with Yuri to do some interviews with the local women and in their fashionable dress in this extreme cold. It was the coldest day since I arrived, -45 Celsius, and I hadn´t put on enough thick trousers or good gloves. After 15 minutes I was shivering and cold. I suddenly realized, this is certainly no game or joke, this will be very serious business.

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Arrival in the Freezer

The temperature is not too extreme for January in Yakutsk, just over -40 degrees Celsius. Today I was standing at probably the coldest fish market in the world and asked one of the vendors, who had come all the way from Tiksi to sell his catch, how on earth he kept warm ever day while standing outdoors during the harshest part of winter.

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