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On July 8, 2012, Brazilian journalist Filipe Masetti Leite embarked on one of the most daring equestrian adventures attempted in almost a hundred years. This second-generation cowboy rode three horses through 12 countries from Canada to Brazil, following a dream passed down from his father and inspired by the legendary long-riders of the past. His 10,000 mile journey took him through hundreds of towns and ranches, down countless back roads, and over some of the most beautiful country on Earth. When you travel the world at three miles an hour, you experience every new place like a local, friendships are quickly made, and help given immediately and without question. More than anything, long riding is life-affirming and that is just one of many reasons why Journey America resonates with people everywhere. Read Filipe’s journal entries and check out the 90 dispatch videos from that first epic adventure here, then sit back and take a deep breath, because that was only the beginning…

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